Quest One. The Golden Scarab - S.W. Lothian

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Quest One. The Golden Scarab - S.W. Lothian

"All is not well in Ancient Egypt and heroes are needed. 

JJ Sterling is an average 12-year-old until one day he discovers the Museum is actually a gateway into history. JJ and his friends Linc and Rani are thrust back to Ancient Egypt on a quest to preserve history. Back to a time full of danger – where statues are alive! 

The peace of Ancient Egypt is set to be shattered as the evil god Seth sets his plan in motion to overthrow his brother Horus, King of the Gods. A magical amulet known as The Golden Scarab is the key to Seth's evil plan - It's the only thing that stands in the way of his rise to power. 

It's a race against time as the three heroes from the future set off on a desperate quest to locate the amulet before Seth can find it for himself. Whilst constantly pursued by Seth’s beastly Uberdiles, they must overcome many deadly challenges and face danger every step of the way. If they fail it would be disastrous - Seth’s evil rule would be cast over Ancient Egypt and he would be able to pass through time into the modern world. 

With a thrilling climax, a desperate battle and a monumental challenge this is a fast-paced journey of discovery where heroes are born and good fights to overcome evil. 

Are you ready for the quest?"

I don't read a lot of middle grader books, however this one was quite enjoyable. JJ Sterling seemed very advanced for his age, wondering about life and the universe. His dad works in a museum and he finds a secret gateway into the past. Along with his two friends, they have to race against time and challenges to locate the amulet. It has a very treasure hunt feel, like Indiana Jones or National Treasure, except of course with kids. Add in non-stop action, and magic and you get a fantastic mix!

There is also slight humour as well - "There was a loud rumble, it sent shivers down Rani and JJ’s spine, their eyes wide with fear they looked fearfully at each other.
“Sorry . . . that was my stomach. I’m so starving.” Linc said."

I think this book would be very enjoyable to children of a young age, and possibly even older people looking for a simple adventure read. According to S.W. Lothian's website, there is set to be 5 Quest books, with Quest Two. The Cursed Nile set to be released in 2012.

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