The Sentient Fire - D.W. Hawkins

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The Sentient Fire - D.W. Hawkins

"In one short night, Dormael Harlun’s life was changed forever.

Tired and half drunk, Dormael stumbled upon Shawna Llewan, a beautiful young woman, wounded and near death. What he didn’t realize was that his decision to come to her aid would be only the beginning of his unwitting role in a labyrinthine and perilous game.

Suddenly, Dormael and Shawna find themselves surrounded by enemies bent on their destruction. All avenues to safety are closing rapidly, and their only hope is to find the key to a dangerous secret lost to antiquity. With every ally a potential foe, they can rely only on Dormael’s brother Allen and his cousin D’Jenn to escape the will of a tyrant, the designs of a traitor, and the attention of powers beyond their imagining. Dormael has never been much for games, but destiny has rolled the dice for him and irrevocably placed him in the middle of a deadly game he must desperately play for keeps. Should he lose, he will forfeit not only his own life, but the lives of the ones he loves."

This review is going to be hard to write, without giving away any spoilers. I just don't want to give it all away for you guys!

Let's start by saying this book is long. I am used to reading books that are roughly 350 odd pages. This was double that. Yet I never felt it dragging on! Instead of cramming information in, or leaving it out, D.W. Hawkins has just simply made the book long, and it works.

The character's were wonderfully written and you are able to relate to them. The heroes aren't perfect and good, they have their flaws. The villain's aren't just "bad". Overall, the author shows that they are all just people like you and me.

The plot is riveting, the setting I found fresh and exciting. I have my fingers crossed that this novel gets turned into a movie, because I would love to see this come to life - apart from in my own imagination that is!

For lovers of fantasy, I urge to pick this novel up! For everyone else, I also urge you do the same. I would hate for you all to miss out on reading this novel!

Want to buy it? Of course you do! Here are the links - 

Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Smashwords

I also want to thank D.W. Hawkins for allowing me to read and review his novel, and allowing me to be part of his blog tour!
He was also kind enough to give me a coupon code for a free copy of The Sentient Fire and two 50% off coupons for Smashwords! So here is what we are going to do! Just comment below what type of Fantasy character you would be if you had the chance, along with your email and we'll let choose the winners on April 10th :) 
He is ALSO running a giveaway for an Amazon giftcard - use the rafflecopter below to enter :)

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