Masquerade Read-Along - Week #3

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Welcome everyone to the third week of the Masquerade Read-Along.  This has been so much fun so far :)

This Weeks Discussion Questions

Week / Chapters 16-23

1. Heven’s mother has definite ideas about Heven and her scars – what they mean – and their relationship is strained. Do you think their relationship can be saved?

I think it depends. Heven does try, but her mother doesn't back down. Both are stubborn and neither wants to let the other win so to speak. I think if Heven's mother sticks with her idea of Heven being evil, then their relationship will stay strained. However, since Heven's scars are now gone, her mother's view may change.

2. Sam tells Heven about how he came to be living on his own, how his parents kicked him out after he became what he is. He doesn’t seem angry though, he seems to accept it. Would you be angry? Do you think he should be?

If it was me, I would have been hurt more than angry. He has been emancipated for awhile, and while it would still hurt/anger him, I would say we would have learnt to deal with it and move on. Although, I must say I would love to see him tell his parent's that he has been chosen by God/Angels to protect a Supernatural Treasure! It would definitely prove to them that he isn't evil!! :)

3. During these chapters, Heven and Sam visit the Inbetween and meet Airis (aka The Hope). Were you surprised by this series of events? Do you think a place like the InBetween really exists?

For awhile, I thought maybe Cole was The Hope. I did have theories about The Hope being an Angel or something to that extent, but yes, it was fantastic to finally see it all come together. As to whether I believe a place like the InBetween really exists, I don't know. I am not religious, so I can't say. Maybe or Maybe not I gueess!

4. When Heven’s scars are no longer a part of her and she says “she no longer recognizes herself” – do you think that the absence of her scar will change her once more?

This poor girl! The goes through the traumatic experience of having her face mangled, then she moves past it when Sam comes along, then she finds out Sam is a hellhound, then she finds out she is a Supernatural Treasure, then her scars heal! If that was me, I would be in shock and they would have put me in a padded room by now! I don't think so. After everything, I don't think she will change again.

5. Gran is very accepting of Heven and of Sam. Do you think that she understands more – knows more than she lets on about Heven’s life or do you think her love is just unconditional?

I think her love is just unconditional. I could definitely be wrong, and she secretly knows everything, but grandparents are a lot different to parents. They have lived their lives, they know about the world and this makes them a lot more understanding.

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Chapters 24-31 Discussion Questions

Can't wait to see you all here again next Thursday!

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  1. What a fabulous post!! A padded room? Well Heven has been through a ton so I think I would be in a padded room too! LOL.
    I think it is fascinating that you thought Cole was the Hope! That is the first I have heard of that. That is awesome. I almost wish it had been true! what a twist that would be. Great way to think out of the box.


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