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Today is Author Madison Louise's birthday! We are going to celebrate in style, with an awesome guest post - plus of course an awesome giveaway!!
So have a read and celebrate with us!

Hi! Wow, first guest post, this is a new thing for me. I’ve never done anything like this. Only a couple interviews here or there. But, I think I can do it.
First though, I want to warn you, I’m kind of a random person, so I might get a little off track, or something---SQUIRREL! Ok, I never do that. But I just had to try.

Ok, Claire said I could talk about anything, and I think she might regret it when I’m done here. (hehe)

Alright, here we go,

First, I want to thank Claire for having me today! The day I tweeted that my birthday was soon, I didn’t except for Claire to start planning a party! (lol) but I think it’s awesome she took time, and interest to. Means a lot, Claire! 

Now, I know most of you are probably like…’Who’s Madison Louise?’ well…let me tell you about myself:

I’m a teen YA author. I love to read, write, dance (preferably Just Dance on the Wii) and I sing when no ones around. I also have a pet fish that gets jealous easy, so don’t let me hug you when he’s around. (seriously) I also spend most of my time tweeting, so if you ever want to talk about anything, just tweet me. I’m on.

There you go. There’s a little bit about me.

Now, let’s talk about Shadow Future

Shadow Future is about a girl who has to get through life, as it throws it’s worst at her—Paranormal style.

(Catchy right?)

Here’s also the full summary:

Being an OverShadower is never easy...And quiet Pearl is just the OverShadower to tell you about it.

When a run away fails, Pearl knows for sure she's going to get punished for it. But her Leader, Adskahn surprises her by letting her have a little freedom. He lets her go to public school. 
There, Pearl meets a boy named Max. He's nice enough, annoying as heck. But nice. But Pearl can't seem to figure him out completely though. And...she might have feelings for him.

But as her Fastening day draws nearer, and her powers start to do things they shouldn't. Pearl knows that she can never be with anyone else, but who the Elders choose for her.

But when a dream turns into something bigger, and the Elders decide to give her some more freedom before getting Fastened. Pearl decides to take a stand for herself. She's done being told what to do all the time, she wants to have a brighter future. One that's hers. Not one someone chooses for her.

But the question is...can she do it? Or are there bigger things waiting for her?

And, since Claire said I could write about anything, I’m going to let you get to know my characters a little.

(warning: this interview may have *minor* spoilers, but nothing serious. So read on.)

Me: Hi, Pearl! So happy you could join us today. I know life’s been a little tough. (which is probably my fault. *cough*)

Pearl: Yes, Madison, it has. But I don’t blame you, readers like a good story to read.

Me: *coughs* Yes…of course. Well, do you mind answering a couple questions while you’re here?

Pearl: Not at all. *smiles*

Me: Alright, I know you’ve been sheltered most of your life, so what was it like to get out in the world, and go to an actual school?

Pearl: *muses* Hmm...well, I didn’t except the boys to be so…annoying. I mean, I live with four boys already, so when I met Max…I…Uh…didn’t except him to bother me so much.

Me: Is that so? Well, boys can be like that sometimes. It’s just their nature.

Now, on to Max.

Me: Hi, Max! Glad you have you today.

Max: Hey, it’s good to be here.

Me: Now, let’s get down to business, what is your favorite past time?

Max: I really don’t do very much. *he shuffles a bit*

Me: Nothing at all? Really? Wow.

Max: *coughs* yes.

Alright, since Max is having some problems at the moment, let’s move on to…Adskhan.

*Pearl shifts uncomfortably, Max glares*

Me: (the tension in the room isn’t a good sign….) Hello, Adskhan, it’s…um…nice to have you today.

Adskhan: Thank you, Madison. *gives Pearl a look*

Me: *tries to get things un-awkward* Ok, let’s start with a question, what is it like to be a Leader?

Adskhan: It’s difficult at times, especially when the people under you don’t do what you say. *gives Pearl another look* But other times, it’s quite enjoyable.

Me: Really? Well, I like being in charge myself. Being an older sister might do that.

Adskhan: Yes, I guess so.

Me: *coughs* Alright, one more question, have you ever loved anyone?

*Pearl gasps in the corner* *Max looks like he’s going to hit something*

Adskhan: *stares* I will not be answering that question.

Ok! Wow…that’s the end of that awkward interview. As you can tell, my characters have issues. *shakes head sadly*

Well…I think that’s all I will torture you with for now. Thanks again to Claire for letting me be here!

If you guys want to ask questions, or just talk. Follow me on Twitter! @AuthorMadison.


PS: I think Claire has an awesome giveaway for you guys!

Now for the giveaway! Up for grabs is a $10 Amazon GC! The giveaway is international - as long as you can receive the gift card VIA email! Just enter in the rafflecopter below!

Thanks for celebrating with us! If you are unlucky in winning a copy of Shadow Future and would like to grab yourself one, you can purchase from Smashwords here!

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  1. Wow, what a great post!! Madison, you're adorable and so glad you're a random person :) Loved learning about you on this post and learning about your book, you did such a great job with the character interview *smiling*
    Happy Birthday Madison and thanks for sharing Shadow Future with us! LOVE the bit about the jealous pet fish, don't want to upset him now. Thanks for the giveaway, Claire, brilliantly done!
    Hope you do more guest posts, Madison, you did so well :)
    Blessings, Kara

  2. Hey Madison! I loved reading the interviews! I am currently reading Shadow Future (computer was broke so couldn't for a while...) I am on 2nd chapter. I really like it so far! Anyways, Happy Birthday girl! Have a great day!!

  3. Happy Birthday Madison, I hope you have a super duper day and get lots and lots and lots of books!

  4. hi madison! :) have a very happy birthday!

  5. happy birthday!!!! your book sounds great! I really hope I can find the time to read it soon!

  6. Hi Madison, Feliz Cumpleanos!! Happy Birthday!! I hope all your Birthday wishes all come true!

  7. Happy Birthday, Madison! *throws balloons and rainbow confetti*

    I like your fish, he seems a whole not nicer than mine who basically ignores my existence.

    Lilian @ A Novel Toybox

  8. Happy Birthday Madison... :) have a great day...
    Shadow Future sounds intresting... gonna read it soon...

  9. Happy Birthday Madison.....I hope it's the best day ever!

  10. Wow the book sounds really good and I can't wait to read it. Happy Birthday Madison I hope you get whatever it is you wanted:)

  11. Happy Birthday Madison! Best wishes for a very happy day.

  12. Happy Birthday to you, Madison!! Have a great day and ENJOY!! Relax!! Then go eat some cake and ice cream!! ;) I hope someone does a similar celebration for ME on my Birthday! ;D

  13. Happy birthday! I hope it's a very pleasant, relaxing day for you.


    May all your wishes come true.

  15. Happy birthday, Madison! My birthday happens to be tomorrow. For it, Mom's taking me out to Barnes and Nobles to knock some of the books off my wishlist.

    Although it would be utterly ludicrous if I won, considering I'm entering at the last minute, but that's wishful thinking. Good luck to the upcoming winner!


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