Shadow's Edge - Maureen Lipinski

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Shadow's Edge - Maureen Lipinski

"After a lost year spent in the Other Realm of the Creatuir, 16-year-old Leah has decided to renounce her powers and attend high school like a normal teenager, but when a mysterious dark force starts killing the Creatuir, she must choose between her new life and helping stop the murder spree."

Leah is a Creatuir Shaman - a mortal who can see the spirit world, or something like that. After losing a year of her life whilst in the Other Realm - Time works differently there - she decides to give up her Shaman duties and live a normal life. However, her best friend is murdered and so she re-takes her duties and sets out to find what happened.

I think the worst part of this story for me was the main character, Leah. She might have been all shy around boys, thinks she isn't that great, but as the Shaman, she thinks she is all that and the world just won't survive without her. That bugged me A LOT. All the other characters, I loved. I giggled when I read that all four of the sisters names rhymed. The romantic interests also seemed too obvious, and I was hoping the story would throw me a curve ball and she would end up with Slade.

The story had an interesting premise and I really enjoyed it, although I thought the ending wrapped up way too fast.

I'm not sure exactly what I expected, but this wasn't it. This book was very up/down for me. I loved parts and didn't really like others. It was like I got to parts that I felt dragged or were pointless, and I put it down and I didn't really want to pick it up again. But after I did, I delved right back into it.

Give this book a try for yourself! You just might like it too!

Order yourself a copy now, and delve into Shadow's Edge!

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