Wentworth Hall - Abby Grahame

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Wentworth Hall - 
Abby Grahame
Released: July 5, 2012
Publisher: Simon and Schuster

Synopsis: "It’s 1912 and the Darlingtons of Wentworth Hall have more than just their extensive grounds to maintain. They need to keep up appearances that things are as they have always been for one of England’s most elite families... even as whispers of secret romances and bitter betrayals threaten their façade of perfection. 

Maggie Darlington has a secret. And she’s not the only one: The handsome groom, Michael, the beautiful new French nanny, Therese, even Maggie’s youngest sister, Lila, are all hiding something. And when scandalous satires start appearing in the newspaper with details that closely mirror the lives of the Darlingtons, they are soon looking over their shoulders, worrying about whose scandal will be next - because at Wentworth Hall, nothing stays secret forever."

What it's about: A wealthy and prestige family with a reputation to uphold, and plenty of skeletons in the closet - Can they keep them though?  With the staff gossiping and their lives in a newspaper satire, this story makes for some fabulous scandal.

What I thought: This book is said to be like Downton Abbey crossed with a bit of Gossip Girl and I definitely agree! I love the fact that Abby Grahame has written this story so well, since historical fiction is a favourite of mine and this one didn't disappoint. I constantly found myself gasping in delight with all the scandal in this story. Most of the twists were quite obvious but that didn't take anything away from the full effect of the story - since you still didn't know how and when the secrets would come out and that made it all the more fun to watch unfold. You watch each of the characters closely, making your assumptions, learning who they are and you begin to love them or hate them and by the end I was (almost) really happy with how everything turned out. 

the good: The scandal. Oh yes. Plus the characters. All of them, so typical of each of their stereotypes, it was fabulous!

the bad: I felt like it wrapped up way too quickly - I would have loved it to have been drawn out slightly more and slightly better. Also, I have my fingers crossed that Ms Grahame might write a sequel!


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  1. This book sounds SO good! I really want to read it! :)

  2. gr8 review

    i love scandal .^^

  3. I have this one, but haven't read it yet. Now I'm definitely going to dig into it. Thanks!

  4. I loved this book too. It was a short read but a very entertaining one at that. Great review!

  5. That was quite the scandal, and I'm still annoyed that I didn't see it coming. I feel like there has to be a sequel! Here's hoping :)


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