The Cursed Nile - S.W. Lothian

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The Cursed Nile - 
S.W. Lothian

Synopsis: "The tide has turned in a battle against the flow of time.

Life in Ancient Egypt couldn't be better. The statues now have freedom of movement and the people have comfort in knowing that the evil God Seth has been defeated. It is the Season of Ahket and celebrations are in full swing as they party towards its exciting climax. The annual flood of the Nile River will bring another year of prosperity. But, as day breaks the celebrations take a totally unexpected turn. Hapi, the Nile God, mysteriously disappears and with him so does the Nile. Egypt without the Nile spells disaster and to make things even worse, the mysterious events are already impacting the future.

Desperate to reverse the devastating curse that has been cast, the Alliance of the Gods call on the help of JJ, Linc and Rani. Having already saved Ancient Egypt once before, these heroes from the future must travel back in time to do it again. With help from new and old friends they embark on a new quest that is a frantic race against the flow of time, to conquer an evil force that has an old score to settle. Danger lurks at every turn as they try to solve the mystery and battle against those who want to see them fail. As time flows by it is running out fast. If they fail it will change history - if they succeed it will preserve it.

'The Cursed Nile’ is an epic battle where the past has the power to change the future, and the future has the power to change the past. Which one will triumph?

What it's about: JJ, Linc and Rani are off on another Egyptian adventure. This time, it's saving the God Hapi and restoring the Nile river.

What I thought: After the first one, I wasn't sure if Lothian was going to be able to write another Egyptian time-travel mystery, but he sure pulled it off. The trio are off again, trying to save Egypt. The charm and wit of these fantastic characters are back again, pulling us into their journey once more. While I loved this one, I can't decide if I liked it as much as the first, but I still definitely recommend reading this one if you liked the first one. It's full of action and intrigue, what's not to like?!

the good: Feeling as if you are right there in the middle of the adventure.

the bad: Not sure if I liked this one as much as the first though.


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