Safekeeping - Karen Hesse

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SAfekeeping - 
Karen Hesse
Released: September 18, 2012
Publisher: Feiwel and friends

Synopsis: Radley just wants to get home to her parents in Vermont. While she was volunteering abroad, the American People's Party took power; the new president was assassinated; and the government cracked down on citizens. Travel restrictions are worse than ever, and when her plane finally lands in New Hampshire, Radley’s parents aren’t there.

Exhausted; her phone dead; her credit cards worthless: Radley starts walking.

What it's about: Radley returns home from volunteering in Haiti after she hears news of the political and economical destruction in America. Upon arrival, her parents are nowhere to be found and once she makes it home, they aren't there either. Radley decides the best thing is to make her way to Canada and from here we follow her journey.

What I thought: I firstly want to say how much I really really wanted to love this book. However, I did not. To be honest, I couldn't decipher much from the synopsis apart from the fact that there would be walking and a 'journey' of some sort. When I started reading, I was intrigued. But as the book went on and on, especially Radley's time hiding out in Canada, I felt bored. My attention kept shifting and I was easily distracted. Not a fantastic sign for a book. I got to the point when I didn't care for the characters or what happened at the end, and this did it for me. I need to connect with the story or at least the characters and this book did neither for me.

I can see how some people can love this book and I can also see how some people will dislike it. It is definitely a book that you have to read and judge for yourself.

the good: Hesse's style of writing is beautiful, even poetic at times.

the bad: I read this on my Kindle and the pictures were completely out of place, which made this overly confusing at times. If you're going to give this book a go, grab yourself a print copy.


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  1. I am sorry you didn't love this book. It sounds like Glitch and I. Only difference is, is that I enjoyed the end. This is the type of book I would love to give a chance and I might if it happened to show up at my door but I din't think I will seek it out. Thank you for the great and honest review.

  2. Oh see, this is a shame because I really wanted to read this! It looked so good and the synopsis made it sound so different:( I love that your reviews are so honest, though. I can appreciate that.

  3. I am sorry that you didn't care for it. It hard to read and finish a book that you really don't connect with. Thank you an honest review. This is one I think I wait for my library to carry. Thanks for sharing it.

    Jenea @ Books Live Forever

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