Escape Publishing - Interview with Kate Cuthbert!

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Kate Cuthbert is the editor behind Escape Publishing - Today she stops by to have a chat with us!

Congratulations on the launch of Escape Publishing – you must be very excited! Tell us, how does it feel?

I am so excited. We've been working on this for so long, it really felt like launch would never come!

Why don’t you tell all the readers how Escape Publishing is different!

Well, Escape Publishing has a couple of things going for it. First, we're digital-first, which means we have more freedom, more flexibility, and we're fast. We are looking to take some risks, break some new ground, cater to some niche, as well as publish strong, fantastic traditional romance. So readers will be able to find some stories and settings that they might not be able to find anywhere else. Second, we're focused on Australian voices and stories, so we're really hoping to open up our little corner of the world to a global audience. Finally, we're working hard to be reader-focused. We want to make our decisions based on what readers want – which means we really want you to tell us what we're doing well and what we need to improve upon!

There are plenty of aspiring writers out there – can you tell us all what it is you are looking for?

Hee! Everyone asks me this question, and no one believes me when I say, Everything! But it's the truth. Everything, as long as it's romance – so that means a strong focus on a romantic relationship and an emotionally uplifting ending. But within that parameter, the sky's the limit!

What about short stories and novella’s – do they get a chance too?

Absolutely – we publish stories from as few as 5000 words (we also go up to 250 000 words, if you like your stories big and meaty!)

Are there a limited number of titles you’ll be releasing, say each month?

No. We're trying to keep this fluid, so that we can expand as our submissions expand. Ideally, we'd like to just keep growing exponentially, so that every reader gets the story they want!

How does one go about submitting their stories to Escape Publishing?

Easiest process in the world – check out our website, You'll find our webform there, and you just have to fill it out. You can also find out more about our guidelines and publishing model – and, of course, our authors and books!

Before we say goodbye, tell us will these books be available internationally or just in Australia?

We're releasing all our stories globally, with no DRM or geographic restrictions!

Thanks so much for taking the time today to speak with us Kate and good luck with Escape Publishing!

Thanks so much, Claire! I hope you enjoy our books.

Well I don't know about you guys, but I'll definitely be putting my publishing bets on Escape!

About the editor:

Kate Cuthbert has written about romance for almost as long as she’s read them. Starting with a Master’s thesis for her MA in Writing, Editing, and Publishing, Kate has written book reviews and romance-focused features for the Brisbane Courier-Mail, All About Romance, Bookseller and Publisher Magazine, the New York Journal of Books, the Australian Romance Reader’s Association, and Booktopia. She is one of Australia’s foremost experts on the romance genre and its place in the publishing world.
Kate’s editorial background includes genre fiction, children’s books, mass market publishing, magazine, and corporate and academic publishing. 

Some of the already lucky ladies to be published with Escape publishing!

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