I Made Lattes For A Love God - Wendy Harmer

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I Made Lattes For A Love God - Wendy Harmer
Released: November, 2012
Publisher: Allen and Unwin

Synopsis: Best friends and not-so-secret Hollywood crushes. A warm, funny read for teens from comedienne, writer and popular radio personality Wendy Harmer.

Elly Pickering has a juicy secret. A secret her PR mum won't let her tell anyone because if the kids at Oldcastle High knew that mega-star Jake Blake (yes, THE Jake Blake, teen sensation and all round heart-throb) was coming to Oldcastle to film his latest movie, they might just explode with excitement.
Elly is determined to get on set and to get more than a glimpse of her Hollywood crush. But now thanks to an unfortunate incident involving a car, a red handbag and the paparazzi, it looks like Elly's lost a lot more than her opportunity to be close to Hollywood royalty. She's lost her dignity, her job and her best friend. How will she ever be able to get everything back to normal?

What it's about: Elly Pickering's life is turned upside down when movie star/heart throb Jake Blake is coming to her town to film his latest movie. Elly learns about life, celebrities and most importantly, herself.

What I thought: This is an absolute teeny-bopper book and I LOVED IT! I got myself stuck in a book rut and this was the book to bring me out of it. It is fun, sassy and most importantly, hilarious. Even when the characters are having serious moments, you can't help but giggle a little. This is just a typical teenage girl, with some not so typical problems, making friends, being caught by the paparazzi and making some amazing coleslaw.

If you want something easy and fun, I highly recommend this book!

The Good: This is such an easy read, and the fact that there is no seriousness about it, makes it really enjoyable.

The Bad: I have to admit, Elly really did drive me up the wall. She is such a selfish, self-centred character, for most of the way through the novel.


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