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Interview with Lisa from Read Me Bookmark Me Love Me!

What attracts you to Dystopian Fiction?

Dystopian worlds are fascinating to me. I think that, if created well, they make novels so much more interesting because of the unique situations they can put characters in as they’re faced with more obstacles, more adventures and more opportunity for growth. The stakes are usually very high, which can make readers more invested in the story and characters.

What is your favourite Dystopian novel?

Divergent will always stick in my mind, even if I have read better Dystopian novels. Who knows? My judgement is faulty!  Another favourite is Article 5…or maybe The Immortal Rules… Yes, as always, I’m cheating a little here. I still have a handful of others that are basically on the same level of amazing for me! *tears* I’m betraying them…

What will you be doing on December 21st, day of the apocalypse?

I’ll either be preparing for Christmas, my dad’s birthday or my New Year’s trip… Maybe I’ll be online laughing or saying dramatic goodbyes to friends as if we’re really going to die too!

What do you think the future is going to be like?

Unfortunately, I don’t think we’ll be travelling around in hover cars or be using teleportation machines! I can see the world remaining sort of the same, depending on which future you mean, but technology will make things faster and “better” (ie. cooler) as it’s always done. To be serious, we’ll probably also have to deal with the consequences of our actions today, resource/environment/etc wise.

It’s the Zombie Apocalypse! What is your role?

Role? I’ve already grabbed supplies and locked myself away in a bomb shelter! I’m a coward – sue me.

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Thank you so much Lisa for joining us today!

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  1. Haha I think I'd be with you hiding away in that bomb shelter, Lisa!! As long as we have lots of books with us, the world will be alright... ;)


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