Dystopian December - Blogger Spotlight!

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Interview with Cieria from The Whispering of the Pages!

What attracts you to Dystopian Fiction?

The creativity. Everyone in the genre has different ideas of how the world turns out and how people react so much. Also the way they use our worlds issues to create their versions of the future. Almost all Dystopias take an aspect of our society and show what things could be like in the future. For example, Uglies by Scott Westerfeld shows how people have tried to eliminate prejudice based on body images.

What is your favourite Dystopian novel?

Immortal Rules by Julie Kagawa, but that's mostly just 'cause I love her writing so much.
Also Breathe by Sarah Crossan. Such a well built world and characters and everything. Really well explained through the writing. Just amazing.

What will you be doing on December 21st, day of the apocalypse?

I have no idea. Probably internet. I've got nothing special planned.

What do you think the future is going to be like?

It's hard to say. At times it looks bleak and depressing, at other times it looks like it could be amazing. Human creativity brings out a lot of good stuff, but it also has the potential to destroy everything. I try not to about it, to be honest.

It’s the Zombie Apocalypse! What is your role?

I really want to say that I'd be fighting and being a hero, but I'd probably be the first to die. That or hiding somewhere. Though with all the Zombie stuff around, I think everyone would be pretty prepared for the Zombie Apocalypse. Who doesn't know to cut off the head or destroy the brain? Or how to use everyday objects as weapons? Bring it! We're ready! Haha.

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Thank you so much Cieria for joining us today!

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