Dystopian December comes to a close....

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Dystopian December has come to an end...

Turns out the world didn't end and we are all still, but it's the last day of December which means out Dystopian fest is over :(

Thank you to everyone for stopping by, it's been a blast! 

The winners for the Dystopian December Giveaways on Claire Reads are as follows:

Major Prize Pack - Thilda
Phoebe North - Jill
Steven dos Santos - Nevena
Jay Kristoff - Ashfa A.
Lauren Oliver - Nicole A.
Lia Habel - Meg K.
Emma Trevayne - Rabiah
Sara Grant - Sarah K.
Julia Karr - Sandra
Michelle K. Pickett - Kristia M.
Kimberly Derting - Melissa
Jennifer Bosworth - Angie F.
Susanne Winnacker - Estefania
Polly Holyoke - Tennille
Megan Crewe - Jessica B.

Of course, if you missed anything or just want to re-read all the awesomeness, click below!


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