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Interview with Susanne Winnacker!

Why did you decide to write dystopian fiction/post-apocalyptic fiction?
I didn’t actually decide to write dystopian fiction. The Other Life was the first novel I wrote and back then I didn’t know much about literary genres or publishing. I just had the image of a girl who’s stuck in a bunker with her family in my head and the rest of the story developed from there. But what I love about the genre is that it puts characters in situations that bring the best and the worst out in them. It’s fascinating to watch characters reach their full potential.

What, or who, has been the biggest influence in your writing?

The writer who inspired me to write is J.K. Rowling. Her Harry Potter world was so wonderful that I wanted to explore it more than the books allowed and I did so by writing my own little stories about a few of the characters. That’s when I realized that I enjoyed writing.
There are a lot of novels that feature around humans that have been infected with some sort of viral disease, but aren’t necessarily called zombies. Do you think there’s a difference, say between what we envisage is a zombie and a Weeper?
Yes, definitely. Weepers aren’t undead, because they never died in the first place. The virus only transformed them and gave them the appearance of someone who’s on the verge between life and death.
Can you give us a little bit of information about the next book in the series and what readers can expect?
The second and final book in The Other Life series is The Life Beyond and will be published March 1st, 2013 in the UK. It’s hard to describe it without major spoilers for book 1, but what I can say is that there’s even more danger for Sherry and Joshua, and they’ll get to explore a bit more of their desolate world.
What do you think our future is going to be like? Can you see any similarities in the world that you’ve created and our world today?
I don’t know what the future will be like, but I hope it won’t be anything like the world in The Other Life! I think we have to realize that all of our actions have consequences and many things can’t be undone…
What will you be doing come December 21st? And if you survive? (Assuming, of course, it’s the end of the world!)
Umm, probably eating Christmas candy? Or trying to stop our bunnies from devouring the Christmas tree? And IF zombies start roaming the streets, I’ll hide in our basement with my husband and our zoo, and hope they don’t find us. I WILL survive. Nothing can stop me. After all, I have two books coming out in 2013 (the second book is a YA thriller: Impostor – July 11 from Razorbill/Penguin) and I’m determined to live until then.
What would be your favourite dystopian/post-apocalyptic novel?

I have read so many wonderful dystopian novels in the last few months and even more are coming out in 2013! But I have to say that Divergent from Veronica Roth is THE dystopian novel for me. I loved it beyond reason.

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The Other Life - 
Susanne Winnacker
Released: February 1, 2012
Publisher: Usbourne

Synopsis: 3 years, 1 month, 1 week and 6 days since I’d seen daylight. One-fifth of my life. 98,409,602 seconds since the heavy, steel door had fallen shut and sealed us off from the world

Sherry has lived with her family in a sealed bunker since things went wrong up above. But when they run out of food, Sherry and her dad must venture outside. There they find a world of devastation, desolation...and the Weepers: savage, mutant killers.

When Sherry's dad is snatched, she joins forces with gorgeous but troubled Joshua - an Avenger, determined to destroy the Weepers.

But can Sherry keep her family and Joshua safe, when his desire for vengeance threatens them all?

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