Hooked - Liz Fichera

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Hooked - 
Liz Fichera
Released: February 1, 2013
Publisher: Harlequin Teen

Synopsis: When Native American Fredericka ‘Fred’ Oday is invited to become the only girl on the school’s golf team, she can’t say no. This is an opportunity to shine, win a scholarship and go to university, something no one in her family has done. 

But Fred’s presence on the team isn’t exactly welcome — especially not to rich golden boy Ryan Berenger, whose best friend was kicked off the team to make a spot for Fred.

But there’s no denying that things are happening between the girl with the killer swing and the boy with the killer smile...


What it's about: A Native American girl named Fred joins an all-boys varsity golf team at her high-school. Trouble abounds with the boy that got booted, with her feelings that betray her but mostly with Ryan.

What I thought: I was super unsure about this book when I requested it from Harlequin. Part of me wanted to ready a soppy romance, but the other half thought the golf part might put me off. In the end, the romance won out and Fred and Ryan stole my heart. While I am not a huge fan of golf, it didn't phase me too much in the book, because the romance between Fred and Ryan made it all worth it.

Fred learns accept herself, her culture, but also that of the "white folk". Ryan is the same in he learns a lot about himself when he falls for the "Indian" girl. This is definitely one of those feel good books that will leave you wanting more, or at least it did for me.

The supporting characters also make the story, despite how much you might like or dislike them. While I just wanted Seth to bugger off, at the same time I knew he is an integral part of the story. Didn't make me hate him any less. Even at the end.

I highly suggest you pick up a copy for yourself, and get Hooked.

The Good: I fell in love with Ryan along the way, in the same way Fred did I suppose. His personal journey is gorgeous as.

The Bad: While I love a good "hard-to-get" type story, the fact that they were off/on/off/on/off/on, really bugged me.


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  1. Well, Claire, this seems interesting.
    i have been hearing a LOT about it and I am defintely adding it to my TBR
    GREAT review
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