Lust and Found - Julie Fison

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Lust and Found (Smitten) - 
Julie Fison
Released: March, 2013
Publisher: Hardie Grant Egmont

Synopsis: Cambodia is the last place in the world Sienna wants to visit. She likes five- star hotels and exercising her credit card in air-conditioned malls – not flea- ridden hostels and trekking through the jungle.

But when her brother Eddie starts sending strange messages from Cambodia, Sienna’s mum convinces her to go check on him. Thankfully, her boyfriend agrees to go along.

When they arrive, they discover that Eddie has disappeared. Sienna just wants to find him and get the hell out of there. Everything in Cambodia
is getting to her – the language barrier, the unrelenting humidity, the mosquitos. But mostly it’s Eddie’s maddeningly hot French friend, Guillaume, who couldn’t be more unhelpful if he tried...

What it's about: Sienna is off to Cambodia to find her brother Eddie - but not by her choice. Her mum believes something is happening with Eddie and so on her way to Singapore with her boyfriend Daniel, she stops off, determined to find her brother and be on her way. Instead she meets Guillaume, a hot seductive French friend of Eddie's, who knows more than he's letting on.

What I thought: This book was started off slowly for me. It took me a long time to get past the fact that Sienna is such a "princess" and can't do anything for herself. Anything. While it turns out that this was deliberately part of the plot so this can change through-out the story, it really just bugged me for the first half of the book. Plus she is a gold-digger. Seriously, who dates a someone ten years older than you just for his car and his apartment views? Sienna does. Also, that someone (Daniel, her boyfriend) turns out to be a professional poker player? HRMM. But despite those facts that made me sigh (with a bit lot of eye-rolling) I ended up loving this book. Even though it really does take Sienna a while, she really does learn how to be a better person. Now Guillaume was not the most swoony guy, but he did have his moments. (I mean, magic mushrooms?!)
Together, they search Cambodia for Eddie, and learn about each other and themselves along the way. Such a feel-good novel.

This book was a well-paced novel and I recommend it for teens on the more mature end of the scale.

The Good: To be honest, I thought the end was wonderful - when they found Eddie. So simple, yet so effective!

The Bad: Well, everything I complained about above!


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