Viridian - Susan Gates

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Viridian - 
Susan Gates
Released: October 11, 2012
Publisher: A & C Black
Synopsis: A virus has swept the world, turning polluting, wasteful humans into peaceful human/plant hybrids called Verdans. More and more people choose the Verdan way, till only a few humans are left. But then the Cultivars rise - terrifying, cruel Verdans, genetically modified to become brutal warriors, who are determined to wipe out what remains of humanity. They turn the Verdan dream into a nightmare. And at their head is the lethal Viridian...

What it's about: A plant virus is infecting humans, causing them to become plant-people called Verdans. But there is a group separate to the Verdans that wish to take over the world, and all the remaining humans.

What I thought: This story had so much potential. A infectious virus from plants. A new race of people called Verdans. A very different dystopian world. Yet what I read just didn't do it justice. Sure, it's a middle grade book, and needs to be written for the right audience. That wasn't it though, the fact that it was written for kids half my age. It wasn't the writing. It was the story.

Jay is an immune. He can't contract the plant virus, even through multiple attempts. His dad doesn't believe in the 'green freaks' and wants to stay far away from that problems. Viridian is a verdan that they meet by accident - and now he's the leader of a ruthless group called the Cultivars - and Viridian know's Jay secret, and is willing to kill him to uphold his groups standards.

I think middle-graders will love the story, but it just wasn't for me.

The Good: A fantastic story with plenty of potential.

The Bad: It fell flat for me.


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