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Books and Blogging -

Because that's what I do!

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Books. Blogging. These two things take up plenty of my time and are now a big part of my world.

Some weeks, I can read anywhere up to 7 books, and others I'll be lucky to get through one. Doesn't matter how many unread books I have sitting on my shelves, I will continue to buy more, and leave them unread too. Doesn't matter how many books I have on my read&review pile, I'll keep requesting ones that I can't wait for.

Reviewing is a lot of fun for me, and also a big pain in the ass. Depends on the book, I suppose. All I know is that reviewing and blogging changed inside of me. It inspired me to try my own hand at writing, which I think I suck at, but am going to keep trying. 

All I know is that books make me happy. Blogging makes me feel like I have a purpose, but it also introduced me to the blogging community, where I have made many new friends. I'm never going to give this feeling up for anything.

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Claire Blennerhassett

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  1. do you prefer paper books or do you like nooks/kindles etc?



    1. Paper books for sure! Sometimes it's nice to use my e-reader, but I'm willing to sacrifice books for the sake of trees :P


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