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Welcome to the A-Z Blogging Challenge!

Today's topic is:

- I swear I'm the only one who hasn't read this -

Everyone has read it. Everyone talks about it, whether good or bad opinions. But you can't jump in the conversation because you haven't read it. But you just haven't had time, or you've been reading other books you are just more desperate to get through. Either way, I'm sure there are a couple books you know everyone has read but you.

The Harry Potter series for instance. (I KNOW RIGHT! I'm crazy)
I read the first and didn't like it. Hence, I haven't read the others, so naturally, I didn't have a proper childhood.

Pride and Prejudice. Yes, I am shamed. I have seen several different versions on the screen, but this one remains on my To-Be-Read pile.

A Song of Fire and Ice series (AKA Game of Thrones). Since the televisions start, everyone has ran out and grabbed these heavy, long, tedious novels. No thanks, I have more important things to do... Like read ten other books in the same time it would take me to get through one.

The Hunger Games series. I've read the first one at least so I guess that's something.... Right?

Lastly, a massive one on the Young Adult scene at the moment is Divergent, and you guessed it! Haven't read that one either. Soon my pretty, soon.

Which books fit this category for you? Let me know in the comments!

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