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Welcome to the A-Z Blogging Challenge!

Today's topic is:

Jealous of the author who wrote this -

Now I know there are lots and lots of books that could fit this category - but I'm just going to mention a few of my personal favourites!

Let's start with.... JK Rowling. Yes, I know I haven't read Harry Potter, but I have seen the movies and that's enough to make me cry in jealousy. A women out of no-where who almost didn't get her book published, is now a billionaire. I mean, really?! Who says fairy-tales don't come true...

Cassandra Clare is my next author. Sure, she's writing her third Shadowhunter series, and lots of people are complaining about her writing the same thing, but we all know we're all going to read it anyway. Because it's freaking awesome. Now the first movie is coming out in August, all the peeps who don't read will jump on the bandwagon of pure awesomeness.

Isaac Marion is another author I'm jealous of. Warm Bodies is a fantastic book, that shouldn't have worked, but it so did. In so many ways. Now the movie is coming out for that too (already out in some places) and I just wish I had an idea like that one.

Lastly, let's just group these guys into a big bunch, because really, I wish I had wrote any of their books - Jane Austen, the Bronte Sisters, Charles Dickens, F. Scott Fitzgerald and generally, all other classic literature authors.

What books or authors are you jealous of? Leave me a comment, I'd love to hear what you think!

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  1. LOL I can't really say I'm jealous of any of them for their writing. I love reading but have never ever had the desire to write (more than a review I mean).

    Now, having the same success as them in my chosen field? Yeah definitely jealous of a few of them in that regard :)

    Happy A to Z-ing!
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