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Welcome to the A-Z Blogging Challenge!

Today's topic is:

- Under the sea -

That's right everybody, let's talk Mermaids/Sirens and shark people. Etc etc.

I love mermaids. Disney mermaids to be precise. I remember the first mermaid-type book I read and thinking 'What the hell'. Turns out I've been misguided all along. Mermaids and sirens are vicious. However this doesn't change the fact that the couple books I've read, I've loved.


| Of Poseidon - Anna Banks | Lies Beneath - Anna Greenwood Brown |
| Wake - Amanda Hocking|

These three. Wonderful mermaid stories that each differ, making me love them even more. I love how each author portrays mermaids/siren stories differently, so you don't feel like you're reading the same thing.

Although for me, Little Mermaid will always be the best...


(Here, have a gif)

Also, someone should write a story about a talking crab.

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