Othermoon - Nina Berry

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Othermoon - 
Nina Berry
Released: January 29, 2013
Publisher: KTeen

Synopsis: Everyone has secrets. When Dez rescued a boy, Caleb, from a cage, she discovered secrets she never knew she possessed, Now she's sure she's found the place where she belongs. With the otherkin - and with Caleb. But as the barriers between the mortal world and Othersphere fall, a wall rises between Dez and Caleb, leaving her fiercest enemy her only friend ...and maybe something more. Now Dez must make a devastating choice: keep the love of her life, or save the otherkin from annihilation...

What it's about: The action-packed, heart-stopping sequel to Otherkin. Again, Dez and her friends are in danger, but Lazar has shown up, ready to help. This causes a big rift between Dez and Caleb, and all her friends. But Dez will stop at nothing to take down the Tribunal and save everyone she cares about.

What I thought: Wow. Dez is back with all our favourite people and our not so favourite people. Lazar is seemingly turned good and Caleb has turned broody and moody. November and Siku are still doing their dance, unable to admit their feelings for each other, and we find out just why London is so strange sometimes. Amaris also plays an important part. I loved how easily I slid back onto the world of the Otherkin, joining them like long-lost old friends. Othermoon is just as action-packed as Otherkin, and you may feel a bit of deja-vu as you continue reading. But instead of falling for Caleb, they begin drifting, making things awkward and difficult for everyone. Lazar is changing and Dez can see it, but all Caleb can see is his mother's killer trying to steal his girl. Really, it is all very dramatic, but that's why we love it. It keeps us drawn in, wanting to find out what is going to happen next. Will Caleb and Dez sort things out or will Lazar step in and take his place. Personally, I'm hoping for Lazar. Bring on the bad-boy. The big part at the end, will leave you breathless and in tears - just warning you!

This one doesn't leave you on a cliff-hanger, but leaves you with enough sorrow, and a hunger for the next book. I can't wait to see where Nina Berry takes us in the next story.

The Good: This new thing with Lazar. I know I shouldn't but I'm kind of loving Dez and Lazar as a thing... Although I love Dez and Caleb too! Conflicting feelings!!

The Bad: Just the want for the next book!


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  1. great review. I can't wait to get this book. loved the first one.


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