Strange and Ever After - Susan Dennard

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Strange and Ever After - Susan Dennard
(Something Strange and Deadly #3)

Released: July 22, 2014
Publisher: HarperTeen 
SynopsisWith supernatural forces, epic romance, and a mysterious Egyptian city, Eleanor
and her team are set for an adventure they will never forget.
It has been a tumultuous time for Eleanor Fitt since life as she knew it in Philadelphia came abruptly to an end. While the Spirit-Hunters—Joseph, Jie, and Daniel—have helped her survive her brother's violent death and an invasion of Hungry Dead, Eleanor has lost just about everything.
And now, Jie is missing—taken by the evil necromancer Marcus. Eleanor is determined not only to get her back but to finally end this nightmare. But to do so, she must navigate the hot desert streets of nineteenth-century Egypt amid the rising Dead, her unresolved feelings for Daniel, and her volatile relationships with Joseph and Oliver, her demon. And it won't be easy. Because Allison, her friend from Philadelphia, has tagged along, becoming strangely entangled in Eleanor's mission.
It will take all of Eleanor's powers of black magic, and all of Daniel's and Joseph's trust, to succeed. But there will be a price. People will have to suffer the consequences of what Marcus has done, and what Eleanor, Oliver, and the Spirit-Hunters will do to stop all this deadly chaos.

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What I Thought: Strange and Ever After is a stunning, tragic yet beautiful conclusion to the Something Strange and Deadly series. For three books now, we have grown to love these characters, considering friends and most definitely developing crushes on certain people *ahem* Daniel *ahem* but now it is time to say goodbye.

Strange and Ever After takes from France to Egypt this time and the whirlwind adventure continues. Marcus is still one step ahead, but Eleanor, Joseph, Daniel and Oliver are determined to get Jie back and finish off Marcus once and for all. But of course, it wasn't as easy as they expect, and they have many a long way to go before they can even dream of that. For reals though. Eleanor takes a few more trips to the spirit realm, meets some ancient Egyptian gods, fights with Oliver, makes up with Oliver, fights with Oliver again, fights with Daniel, makes up with Daniel. It's an endless Miss Fitt cycle. But Eleanor is full of secrets, from not only the Spirit-Hunters, but from her Demon too.

Of course there has to be betrayal, even though I really wasn't expecting it - and of course there is romance too. Susan Dennard would not have left us hanging! But all-in-all, be prepared for the onslaught of feels, because once you've started, there is no turning back...

The Good: Nothing was what I expected!

The Bad: Now I weep for it is all over...


5 stars

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