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That's SO Random

Hello dear readers. How are we all? Well I hope, and looking forward to the upcoming holiday season.

So occasionally I post about random things, usually life updates and this is another one of those.

I've decided to take a big plunge and start a personal blog, called That's SO Random. This blog will be a way for me to talk about things in my life, and post funny pictures without interrupting the steam of book reviews.

Why am I telling you this? Well, dear readers, you have been my chums for a long time now, some of you for almost three years now, so I want to invite you to see a more personal side of me.

I promise it's not going to be all boring serious stuff, I think you all know me better than that now. There probably will be, but we'll just see how it goes.

Alls I knows is I want you guys with me, every step of the way.

So here it is, my new baby:

I really hope you will all choose to follow me in my new endeavour!




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