Piece of Cake - Kate Forster

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Piece of Cake - 
Kate Forster
Released: August 1, 2013
Publisher: Hardie Grant Egmont

Synopsis: On the morning that Lola is due to fly to London, her dad's in an accident. There's no time to whinge about ruined plans - Lola has to just unpack her bags and act like an adult by taking over her dad's cafe.

Finding a new chef and working seven days a week is not the gap year Lola had in mind. But then she meets Sam, a hot backpacker and cook extraordinaire with a tragic secret past.

In a whirl of perfect pastries and delicate cupcakes, Lola and Sam start to realise that it's not just the kitchen warming up. But can their romance handle the heat?

What I thought: This was my favourite Smitten novel so far, because it felt so much more realistic and not as drama-filled as the others. The romance between Lola and Sam was relatively easy and straight-forward and there wasn't much holding them back. They didn't have several break-ups and make-ups, like in all the other novels. Don't get me wrong, I loved all the other Smitten stories, but this one was a nice change, and that's why I've given this one 5-stars, because I believe this is the first one to have deserved it. It has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that half the novel involved food and chocolate... Nothing at all *shifty eyes*

Lola is a wonderful MC, bringing us into her little cafe world. Lola was ready to travel to London on a big, soul-searching adventure but all that changes when her dad ends up in hospital. Sam is the new chef she hires in replacement of her dad, while he recovers. The chemistry they have it obvious from the start, but it was nice to see it all play out the way it did. There was one little twist that I wasn't expecting and that made me love this story even more. There were no hidden secrets coming out towards the end, everything was laid out on the table quite fast, which made me wonder how Kate Forster was going to play the story without some climatic drama, but she pulled it off beautifully.

For lovers of sweet romances, contemporary or the Smitten series, grab this one now! It's worth it, I promise!

The Good: This was the only Smitten novel that wasn't drowned in drama. It was a refreshing change!

The Bad: I just wanted more of Lola and Sam!


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  1. This sounds fun - I haven't read a really good contemporary romance in a while!

  2. This one sounds really cute. First time hearing of it. Adding to my to-read list. Thanks for sharing :)


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