Transcendence - C.J. Omololu

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Transcendence - 
C.J. Omololu
Released: July 1, 2013
Publisher: Bloomsbury Aust

Synopsis: What if your past became your future? The rules of time are no match for destiny...

Cole fears she's losing her mind. Lately, everywhere she goes, everything she touches, triggers vivid scenes of a time she doesn't know, in a place she's never lived. Then she loses her heart too . . . When Griffon first sees Cole, he knows immediately that she is special, like him - that her visions are memories of past lives. And he is sure their paths were meant to cross in this life . . . With Griffon's help, Cole pieces together clues from many lifetimes and discovers a secret that could ruin her only chance of a future with Griffon. But risking his love may be the only way to save them both.

What I thought: Transcendence might not exactly be different but it did have the ability to pull me in. Soon after I began, I was comparing this to My Name is Memory and Lauren Kate's Fallen series. It was hard for me to read, because I felt like I was reading the same sort of thing all over again, but C.J. Omololu still had me trapped by wanted to know what was going to happen in the end. Cole is a normal teenage girl until she starts having dreams about people and places in history. Except these "dreams" come on at any time during the day and they feel very much real. As time passes, she learns that she is having memories of her past lives. Griffon, the cute boy she met on holiday, is suddenly around again and he seems to know a lot more than he is letting on.

The budding romance between Cole and Griffon wasn't fantastic and was semi-unrealistic but she is a fairly typical teenage girl with raging hormones so I just kept reading without looking too much into it.
There is a lot of action and intrigue in this story, so if past lives and reincarnation is what you want to read more of, then this story is for you!

The Good: I was sucked in by wanting to see how it ended.

The Bad: The story wasn't different enough from all the other "past lives" books I've read.


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