Jump - Sean Williams

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Jump - Sean Williams
(Twinmaker #1)
Released: November 1
Publisher: Allen&Unwin 
SynopsisClair lives in a world revolutionised by d-mat, a global teleport system that allows people to transport themselves instantaneously around the world. When a coded note promises improvement – the chance to change your body any way you want, making it stronger, taller, more beautiful – Clair thinks it’s too good to be true, but her best friend, Libby, is determined to give it a try.

What starts as Libby’s dream turns into Clair’s nightmare when Libby falls foul of a deadly trap. With the help of Jesse, the school freak, and a mysterious online friend called Q, Clair’s attempt to protect Libby leads her to an unimagined world of conspiracies and cover-ups. Soon her own life is at risk, and Clair is chased across the world in a desperate race against time.

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What I Thought: Jump was somewhat of a bit of a surprise for me. I started reading (and couldn't remember at all what the book was about) and I have to admit, it took me awhile to get into this one. It was slow-going, there was a bit of info-dumping, and yet strangely enough, I didn't want to put it down. I wanted to know all the dirty little secrets behind the D-mat and Improvement. This was enough for me to slog through the painful beginnings and get to the good stuff. Jump was totally not what I expected, and I absolutely love when this happens.

The main character, Clair, unfortunately I did not like at all. It's hard to really like a book when you can't even like the MC. Sure, she had her good moments, but all I could think of her was a cheat, a liar and a bit of dramatic teenager. Jesse was your typical estranged love interest, whom I didn't hate, but I didn't really love either. Q was the most exciting character, and Clair treated Q like crap the entire time (which didn't help my feelings toward her).

Jump did get good towards the end, and it certainly did leave me hanging on the edge of my seat. I would recommend reading Jump, if only to get to the end where you find out about Q - for me, that was worth it all. I will definitely be reading the next book in the series, Crash, if only to see if it gets better.

The Good: This book definitely had some worthy moments, a lot of twists I didn't see coming - I love that kind of uncertainty and surprise!

The Bad: I had to slog through info-dumping and horrible characters just to get to the good stuff unfortunately!


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