Author Interview - Carlyle Labuschagne

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 Author Interview - Carlyle Labuschagne

Carlyle Labuschagne is the author of The Broken Destiny - Today she stops by to have a chat with us!

Thanks for stopping by today Carlyle! Describe The Broken Destiny in three words!  I love it!

Tell us about your title/book cover design! How did you decide on them?  Title - first The Broken popped in my head - message behind it - we all feel broken sometimes, and being broken is the soul’s way of growing and can be fixed. We all feel broken at times but we are not alone and the feeling will come to pass. It also plays a significant role to who the broken are.

The cover - gosh the forest part has kind of been with me since the beginning of my website, twitter and marketing campaign. The girl - was really difficult to find a blonde cover model with gray eyes , thanks to the publishing company leading me in the direction of where I could find just such a model. I wanted only a face, a gorgeous mysterious and haunting face - think I did good :)

Well I think you did a fantastic job too! Tell us, how did you come up with your character names?

Some just come to me. Others I have to either do some digging, as with the Zulu names, others I change as I go along.
Ava's name is very important. My favorite all time anime character is Ray from Neon Genesis Evangelion. The concept is that the human would insert themself into a giant A.I robot called an Ava who fight evil angels (aliens) trying to take over earth. When you get a chance to read the book (hoping for release in Nov 2012 latest) and then follow THE BROKEN SERIES, you will find out how much the name and where I took it from plays a major role in the choosing.

How long did it take you to write The Broken Destiny?

First draft 3 mnts . Re-writing the entire MS - 4 weeks . From there it’s taken almost 2years to be where it is now .

Who would you cast for characters for the movie if you got to pick?

Already thought of that (of course I did)

Those are amazing choices! I think I have fallen in love with Hirthic Roshan!! Have you always wanted to be an author?

 No , I have always wanted to change lives , and I have wanted to do all kinds of things that were fun and would put me in a position to influence , inspire and make a difference, to be able to deliver a message . An actress, a figure skater, a gymnast, a Director , a song writer - all which I have tried out and well didn’t work out for me.
I did start writing at a young age, mostly for myself. I decided to publish my first novel Nov of 2009. I must say from that revelation came the feeling that I was born for this.

Share with us, future books in the works?

Well the Broken series (3-4 books)
Working on Evanescent right now (#2 in the series )
Rage - a spin off (was not intended) I wrote while studying Novel writing
A kiddie’s book or two
A Paranormal romance I have started the prologue - no title yet.

Random Questions!


Swimming, writing, reading, I will be taking on fencing soon :)
Rock -climbing, has taken a back seat for now and so has my dancing.

Special writing habits?

Well I write everyday - I have to.

Favorite book of all time (apart from The Broken Destiny of course!)

ROFL of course
Besides the twilight saga - Divergent by Veronica Roth was truly a stand out for me.
I enjoyed Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare as her most enjoyable of all her books.
Third would have to be Fire by Kristin Cashore

“Don’t be crippled by fear – let love give you wings”
Happy reading
Carlyle Labuschagne

Well thank you so much for stopping by today, it was great chatting with you!

You can find out more through Carlyle's various pages! 
Her website, Twitter, Facebook and Goodreads!

The Broken Destiny - Carlyle Labuschagne

"Her Destiny is to Rise against the fall that threatens to take her soul. Her soul is the Key to unlocking a secret weapon.But to know her soul she has to hate it first, and then come back from that. Her Destiny starts with Betrayal. 
The Broken 

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  2. Fab interview, Claire.

    The Broken Destiny is going to be a contender in the YA genre. Oh yes it is.

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  3. Excellent interview, Carlyle. Didn't know ou do rock climbing :) let love give you wings, young lady - go fly!

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