Grace Awakening: Book One, Awakening Dreams - Shawn L. Bird

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"Awakening Dreams is an urban fantasy YA novel set in Calgary, Alberta Canada. Within the shadow of the Rocky Mountains, Greek gods are walking among the population and a battle is unfolding to the destroy love, beauty and radiance that makes all art and music possible. Grace only knows that she is incapacitated by the music of Ben, who seems sure that he's been in love with her forever. She also knows that she has become the target of mysterious attacks in school and around the city. As she awakens to the connection her dreams have to another world, Grace realizes she has a bigger destiny than she could have imagined. In Grace Awakening modern first love is entangled with ancient myth. It's Twilight meets Percy Jackson."
Greek Mythology is a favourite of mine and this book was great! 

Grace is the main character of this book and it seems she is in the middle of a god/goddess war. Of course, she doesn't know it. Strange things are happening in her life and there are boys. The romantic side of this book seemed realistic - she found Ben to be creepy and kept away as a sane normal person would do. I found this very refreshing! 

The poetry at the beginning of each chapter is lovely, although I must admit it did slightly confuse me (all poetry does). I was grateful for the glossary at the end of the book for characters because these weren't overly well known Greek Gods. 

After being left over ended, everyone wondering Who Is Grace, I can't wait to get my hands on this book. Oh, and don't be fooled - I wouldn't compare it to Twilight at all!

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