PFC Liberty Stryker - Peggy Tibbetts

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PFC Liberty Stryker - Peggy Tibbetts

"Libby Stryker joined the Army to avenge her daddy's death on 9-11 but it's nothing like she expected. Operation Iraqi Freedom takes her on a harrowing journey north with a mysterious Arab through bomb devastation, hot zones, and RPG attacks. A different kind of horror awaits Libby in Baghdad. Her past and present, and why it's all gone wrong, blow up in her face. Prepare to enter an alternate reality. PFC Liberty Stryker is unlike anything you've ever experienced."

PFC Liberty Stryker is a story about 19-year old Libby who joins the army to get revenge for her daddy's death. What follows is an amazing and almost unspeakable journey, one unlike I have ever read before.

Libby learns to deal with being a woman in a man's world - you are the weaker sex and that's that. She makes friends, loses her father and in the end, she finds herself.

This book is direct and in parts gruesome, never shying away from the real aspects of war. I found it shocking and frightening, that this is really part of our world. This is a book that everyone needs to read. It is an eye-opener that will emotionally change you.

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