Author Interview - Jedidiah Behe

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 Author Interview - Jedidiah Behe

Jedidiah Behe is the author of Revelations of Doom - Today he stops by to have a chat with us!

Describe your book in 3 words!

Violently thrilling fantasy
What inspired Revelations of Doom?

I wanted to spin a fantastical tale of my version of the biblical book of Revelations. But the story took on a mind of its own once I started it, and became what it is today. Funny how that happens.

How long did it take you to write Revelations of Doom?

It took me just under a year to write the first draft and then I spent the next two years slicing and dicing it. But the story is never finished really. This is just volume 1!  
Did you know what the story was going to be about from the start?

Well like I said before, I had an idea and I started with a skeleton outline. I tried to stick close to that as I wrote, but my fingers seemed to type whatever they wanted...
Were there any scenes that were harder to write than others?

Of course. I really enjoy writing action scenes and I found that often, I had to keep myself from rushing from one fight to the next. Also I am a bit of a romantic, but writing about always makes me feel corny and I get worried that the reader will think the same. 
Do you read for motivation? Anything in particular?

Oh I love to read. Not only do I enjoy books thoroughly but I beleive that every writer should constantly read something. If it is the profession that you want to excel in than why wouldn't you learn from those that already have. I read mostly Fantasy and Thrillers but I have been discovering some very talented Indie authors lately in several different genres. 
Future books in the works?

Right now I am working on the next book in my Light Warden series, Where Only Shadows Roam. I also started writing a Suspense novel with a female protaganist that I think will be a big hit.

Random Questions! 


Reading would be my main hobbie but according to my wife I have entirely too many. I am the type of person who has to keep my brain occupied or I think I would fall into a coma. Books, Movies, Gaming, and Shooting are just a few of the things that I like to do during my limited time off.
Special Writing Habits?

Haha, well this is going to sound strange. Before I write a big battle sequence I will play some powerful classical music like Oh Fortuna, pull out one of my favorite swords, touch the cold steel to my forehead and run the entire scene through my mind like a movie a thousand times, until it is just the way I want it. Don't ask me why, or how, but it helps.
Favourite Book? (Apart from your own!)

Oh man this is tough. I would have to say The Hobbit is my favorite book if I had to mention just one. But I honestly can't remember enjoying any other series quite like the Drizzt Do' Urden books from R.A. Salvatore.

Thanks so much for stopping by today, it was great chatting with you!

You can find Jedidiah on Twitter and Goodreads

Revelations of Doom - Jedidiah Behe

"Choices, we all make them, every day moment by moment. What most people do not realize is how a simple choice could very well alter their own life and those of everyone around them greatly. What would you do if you were blessed with the curse of being able to see evil and how they manipulate those around you? Would you choose to run in fear, ignore what you have just seen, or fight against something that no one else can see, and therefore limits their belief? 
Lucian was chosen to be such a man, much to his dismay. On a path of vengeance he strikes out to find a murderer, unknowing that the world around him is at the brink of war. He pushes on through pain, treachery, despair and even death, only to receive a Revelation that shows him what could very well become the future of his world, and it terrifies him. He is given the ability to see the creatures of shadow, set to destroy the world of the living and manipulate mankind into an evil existence. He is now faced with choices that would change the world forever. The pathways to his destiny are set, but he must choose to follow the correct path, for free will must always be heeded"

Revelations of Doom is now available!

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