My Heart Be Damned - Chanelle Gray

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My Heart Be Damned - Chanelle Gray
Released September 15, 2012

"If you're a Hunter, there are only three things you must know about the Damned. The Damned can't lie, can't live without a body, and can't leave you alone.

Amerie Carter has the blood of a Hunter, unfortunately. She is one of a rare line of women who, upon her sixteenth birthday, will come into extraordinary powers used to hunt the Damned; escaped souls from Hell who take up residence in human bodies. It's supposed to be her sweet sixteen, but Amerie has never dreaded a day more, and her worst fears are confirmed as the celebration turns tragic when her mother is killed.

Grief-stricken, Amerie vows to never hunt a day in her life. She's determined to hide behind normalcy, attending school, hanging out with her friends and working an after-school job at The Hut. All Amerie wants is to be left alone. But try telling the Damned that. The harder Amerie tries to ignore her powers, the more the Damned come looking for her.

When an attack leaves one of Amerie's friends in the hospital, and endangers the lives of her fellow students, she knows she has no choice: Hunt or Be Hunted. Thankfully, the gorgeous, secretive, and so-off-limits Marshall offers to train Amerie to take out her supernatural enemies. But training with Marshall means leading lying to her friends, her family, and confronting the mysterious circumstances surrounding her mother’s death.

Amerie soon discovers she’s not the only one with something to hide, Marshall's secrets might kill her before the Damned get the chance."

My Heart Be Damned is a killer story about a Hunter named Amerie. A hunter the Damned, souls who have escape from hell and taken over human bodies. Her family doesn't know. Her friend's don't know. The only person who knows is cocky and arrogant Marshall, a rare male Hunter. But someone has put a bounty out for Amerie and now the Damned are coming after her, shaking up her world. Oh, and her dad has this girlfriend who he wants to move them in with. What more could happen?

This book was action-packed and kept me on the edge of my seat the whole way through. The witty banter between Amerie and Marshall kept things light, despite all the danger they were facing. The cliches that you come across just went with the plot line and didn't hurt the story at all.

Amerie is fierce, courageous and loyal, plus she kicks major butt.  Marshall is definitely the bad boy but of course that doesn't stop him being totally swoon-worthy. As Amerie fell for him, so did I. Chanelle wrote the relationship so well, I could feel it in each word. Mercy and Chuck are her best friends. Mercy is pretty and smart. Chuck is just a regular woman-loving guy, who Mercy has feelings, oblivious to him of course.  Plus Sam, the new comer to the group. I don't trust him. Even after finishing the story, I still don't trust him. I can't wait to find out whether my instincts are right.

Between the action, banter, tears and laughter this story is one that you won't want to put down. Plus the wicked twist at the end will catch you too! I highly recommend this to lovers of paranormal books, and lovers to fiction in general!

Pre-order My Heart Be Damned now! Go on, you know you want to!

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