Touch Of Death - Kelly Hashway

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Touch Of Death - 
Kelly Hashway
Released: January 15, 2013
Publisher: Spencer Hill Press

Synopsis: Jodi Marshall isn’t sure how she went from normal teenager to walking disaster. One minute she’s in her junior year of high school, spending time with her amazing boyfriend and her best friend. The next she’s being stalked by some guy no one seems to know.

After the stranger, Alex, reveals himself, Jodi learns he’s not a normal teenager and neither is she. With a kiss that kills and a touch that brings the dead back to life, Jodi discovers she’s part of a branch of necromancers born under the 13th sign of the zodiac, Ophiuchus. A branch of necromancers that are descendents of Medusa. A branch of necromancers with poisoned blood writhing in their veins.

Jodi’s deadly to the living and even more deadly to the deceased. She has to leave her old, normal life behind before she hurts the people she loves. As if that isn’t difficult enough, Jodi discovers she’s the chosen one who has to save the rest of her kind from perishing at the hands of Hades. If she can’t figure out how to control her power, history will repeat itself, and her race will become extinct.

What it's about: Jodi is special - she just doesn't know it yet. When weird things suddenly start happening, including lots of dead and a creepy hot stalker, we learn Jodi's secret. She is an Ophi, descendant of Medusa. The left side of her body is filled with poison and the right side can heal. She is whisked away by Alex, her stalker, to learn how to control her abilities and learn more about the prophecy and about being the Chosen One.

What I thought: A wonderful new story based on Greek Mythology - of course I was going to love it! Really, how could I not? While after the first few chapters I was skeptical - (really who cuts themselves that much?!) but as the story progressed I found myself drawn into Jodi's world. Yes, I am super jealous and I want Alex all to myself! This book has it all - the good characters, the bad characters and of course the evil ones too! It has surprise, intrigue, secrets and betrayal, and all I can think about now is how I desperately already want the next book. Hashway managed to grab my attention and kept hold of it, slowly feeding us the information we are trying to figure out for ourselves.

A truly wonderful and exciting read. Keep an eye out for this one!

The Good: Zombies, rabid animals, necromancers and secrets all make for a fantastic plot! Yes, there is so much awesome involved in this book!

The Bad: I seem to be having a bit of an issue with main characters lately and this book is no different. We all get your a great person Jodi, but seriously, just quick being so stuck up.


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  1. I hadn't heard of this one. But I am very very curious. The whole Medusa thing is interesting. I'm glad you liked this one, but it's to bad the protagonist wasn't the greatest.

    Sara @ Just Another Story

  2. Great review. I absolutely love anything with Greek mythology, so this is certainly something I would love. Thanks for sharing it.

    Jenea @ Books Live Forever

  3. I featured the book on one of my WOWs. I'm really excited to read this! Lucky you! Thanks for review!

    Karina @ Couchpotatoreader

  4. It sounds amazing, right up my alley. I will need to get this one asap-- well first thing in January. great review.


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