Head over High Heels - Kate Forster

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Head over High Heels (Smitten) - 
Kate Forster
Released: March, 2013
Publisher: Hardie Grant Egmont

Synopsis: When Lyssa is scouted by a modelling agency, she’s more surprised than anyone. She’s a gangly girl from a migrant family, with out-of-control hair and the wrong postcode.

She’s not even interested in a modelling career. She wants to get into Medicine at university. Then she learns how much she could earn from a single photo shoot – enough to give her struggling family the help they need.

Lyssa’s parents don’t like her talking to boys, let alone posing provocatively for a photographer. And while her best friend Emily is a champion liar, Lyssa’s still not sure she’ll get away with it. She’s always played it safe.

But then she meets Dan at the modeling agency, and Dan is all kinds of amazing. Maybe amazing enough to convince Lyssa that she should play it dangerous for once...

What it's about:  Lyssa gets offered a job at a modelling agency. Hoping to earn some extra money for her family, she has to hide her new job, along with her new love interest from the same family she is trying to help.

What I thought: Head over High Heels is the story of the life we wish we all had. Lyssa gets offered a modelling contract in the middle of a clothes store, but has her reservations. She needs to focus on her studies so she can get into Medicine. However her autistic brother needs proper full-time care from someone other than her mother, but her family just can't afford it. So Lyssa is plunged into a strange new world, one where she will have everything at her feet. She lands a killer contract, one that pays more than enough to give her family what they need. Then of course, she meets Dan. Stuck-up and full of himself at first, he realises Lyssa is unlike all the other models he's come across. She has a purpose, and she's real. Lyssa and Dan learn about each other and from each other, ending in life changes for the better.

This book is cute, with a swoony teen romance that's light and easy to read. Super refreshing.

The Good: Dan is the cutest thing out. Got to have good man-candy.

The Bad: I know she wanted to do what was best, but I mean, come on. Most of her changing her mind gave me whiplash.


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Hardie Grant Egmont have provided a set of Smitten novels to be given away to one lucky winner! (All Four Books!) AUS only.


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  1. oh wow.. I didn't know they were part of a set, and being called smitten is so cute! I read a review of one of the other books and actually thought it was the same one.. head over heels sounds so cute and i love arm candy too! though her changing her mind constantly.. yikes.

    Anyways, thanks for the awesome review AND giveaway!
    - Juhina @ Maji Bookshelf

  2. I have not heard of this book. I sounds fun. I need to check it out. Great review!


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