The International Kissing Club - Ivy Adams

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The International Kissing Club - 
Ivy Adams
Released: January 3, 2013
Publisher: Walker Books
Synopsis: Piper, Cassidy, Mei, and Izzy have been best friends their whole lives. And they've always agreed on one goal: to get out of tiny Paris, Texas, and see the world. The school's foreign exchange program seems like the perfect escape: Piper will go to the original Paris; Mei will go to China; Cassidy will go to Australia; and Izzy, unable to afford the program, will stay at home. To add spice to their semester away, and to stay connected to their best friends, the girls start The International Kissing Club, a Facebook page where they can anonymously update one another and brag about all the amazing guys they're meeting. After all, these girls are traveling abroad: amazing guys abound at every turn! But sometimes fun, flirty vacation flings turn into more serious romances, and sometimes you don't return from abroad the same person you were. Will the girls' relationships-and their friendships-be able to survive?

What it's about: A group of friends go on a separate exchange program with a pact and a club - a club to score points by kissing the most boys possible.

What I thought: This book was like a recent, re-vamped version of Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. Which I love. TIKC is quirky, fun and disastrous all at the same time.  Four girls, in four different places, having four different experiences equals a lot of fun and even more trouble!

The characters were wonderfully written, each with their own intriguing back-story. I fell in love with them all, and each of the men that comes along too. They each have their own share of problems, which eventually sort themselves out. What I love the most is the Facebook group that intermittently gets posts which we get to read - giving the book added fun, and making it feel fresh and new.

If you love fun books, with flirty kisses, then this is the story for you! Such an amazing light-hearted read.

The Good: Found myself a new, fresh version of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants!

The Bad: I would love to see a sequel coming out of this, so I'm not feeling so lonely!


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  1. Well, I love the light, quirky reads. Although I have not read the Sisterhood of Travelling Pants, I have watched the movie and i loved it. And this reminded me of STP too!
    I am so adding this to my TBR
    GREAT review, Claire
    Your reader,


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