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Today's topic is:

Hardback VS Paperback -

Yesterday we had a debate over reviews. Today, our debate is over book types. Hardback VS Paperback.

For me, it's Paperback all the way. I love opening a book all the way and creasing the spine. I don't have to worry about a jacket. Usually, they're cheaper too, which means I'm left with more money for more books.

That's not to say I never buy Hardbacks. A lot of the time, new releases are only in hardback and you may have to wait a year or more for a paperback to be released. Some books I just can't wait that long. Hardbacks are pretty too, with their jackets off, looking like classic books in an old library. Beauuuutiful.

Which do you prefer? Do you think there are more pro's or con's to either side or is it just personal preference?

Then there is the eternal question of print VS ebooks.....

For another time I guess!

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  1. Paperbacks for the same reasons you mentioned! Plus I always have to have a book in my bag, paperbacks are more convenient to carry around. But for the books I really love, I go with hardbacks to adorn my shelf :)

  2. I definitely prefer paperbacks to hardbacks - partly because of the cost, like you said, but I also find hardbacks difficult to read if they've still got the cover on - I like to read in the bath and it just increases the chances of water-based disaster... :)

  3. I find it funny how publishing companies spend so much time on covers and here we are talking about how beautiful the hardbacks are without their jackets xD I would love to have a huge collection of them without their jackets.

  4. Paperbacks all the way...they are smaller and lighter and don't have jackets that can be destroyed. Visiting from A-Z, here's my H:


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