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Welcome to the A-Z Blogging Challenge!

Today's topic is:

- Good reviews VS Bad reviews-

I think this is a debate I'm not sure I really want to get in on, but for today, let's just discuss what this means to me, as a reviewer, blogger and reader.

Great reviews are fantastic. I love to gush on about a book, and I love to read reviews that gush on about a book. Of course authors and publishers want great reviews too. Readers want to hear great things about a book they've been dying to read.

However not every book is great and not every reviewer wants to just let their feelings be kept hidden. That's understandable though. If no one ever wrote a negative review of a book, then we wouldn't be able to differentiate between the books worth reading and the ones that might be put on the back burner. And of course, there is the line between a constructive negative review, and basically being a hater. It's a fine line, and I have seen how it's affected authors and reviews alike.

For me personally, I write why I didn't enjoy the book, but still bring out points of what I did enjoy. This way I'm not purely hating on the book, and still showing there were (even small) parts that I liked. Then I'll recommend it to readers who like 'etc etc'. Others might not agree with this way, and everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

Every reviewer has their own way of doing things, and everyone should equally respect that.

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  1. I try to do the same. It kills me to give a bad review and I tend to shy away from reviewing books I didn't like. I feel like I am hurting feelings and that just kills me. Luckily I love a lot of books. great topic.

  2. I totally agree, nothing good ever comes from purely 'hating' something. Just because you might 'hate' it doesn't mean everyone else will.

    I try my best to use constructive criticism, and like you suggest to readers that if they like ... then they might like ... etc.


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