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Today's topic is:

Reading -

Today is a simple topic - reading.

Did you know?

The average person reads less than one book a year!

Did you know?

Each year 360,000 books are produced - in English only!

Did you know?

The fatigability of the eye is less during fast reading than it is while you're slowly reading.

Did you know?

Napoleon read at a speed of two thousand words per minute!

Did you know?

Thomas Edison could simultaneously read 2-3 lines, memorizing the text of whole pages due to maximum concentration.

Reading is my favourite hobby. Really, it's the only one I have time for. There are way to many books out there to bother with other hobbies. I took a reading test, and came up with 301 words per minute as a result. Apparently that's an average reading speed. To be honest, I thought I read quite fast, and I do compared to some people, but overall I'm not that fast. Especially compared to Napoleon.

It's been said that more people play Angry Birds than read. This fact really makes you wonder how much importance do we put on reading. I read roughly 100 books per year. That's a lot, compared to the average person only reading one. I get a lot of enjoyment from reading, and it's also a good way to relieve stress - to dive deep into another world.

What do you think about the above facts? Do you think there should be more importance on reading?

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  1. Less than one book a year? That's so sad.

  2. Great "R" post. I taught kindergarten for years and one thing I found is that children need to be taught how to "read" a book. They have books read to them- and most enjoy this- but they do not know how to hold, care for and enjoy a book on their own. Without those skills, most kids choose another activity over reading. This year am teaching 1st grade for the 1st time ever...my students LOVE to read and write. They look for the author, illustrator, where and when the book was published...study the photos and drawings for details and use Post-its for keeping track of words they do not know or for keeping the place of important facts that they want to share. I have also introduced them to favorite old series and we make lists of characters and their traits. I hope to have instilled a love of reading so they will be lifetime readers.

    Loved your facts- and I am no Napoleon or Edison but I do enjoy a good book :) Happy A-Z Saturday!

  3. There should be more importance on reading. I think the problem is, kids get so bogged down during their school years with the classics that they think all the books are like that, and if they aren't then they fall into the kids category. Been trying to get my brothers to read more and one if them is currently slogging through Catching Fire now. They just need to give it an honest try.


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