Winter Break Reading Challenge!

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Hi all you beautiful people! I hope you are all well.

So I know there are many of you out there that are like me - you love reading, but you find yourself not having any time to even look at a book once the university semester starts... Doesn't it suck? So many beautiful books get released (some which you buy the day of but still don't read) or if somehow you're still in luck with the book gods (aka publishers) you might still get sent some amazing titles, even though your blog is deader than Dracula...

WELL, if that sounds like you, then I think the Winter Break Reading Challenge is just for you. This challenge, which I just made up while trying to write my law assignment, is for the break between your two semesters to try and get back into the reading habit (before you leave it behind again for another 4 months...)

5 weeks of reading!

Since all universities run different semester dates, I'm not going to specify any dates - just in your precious break! Mine personally is five whole weeks! Five weeks of doing whatever I want (while still working unfortunately).

What is the challenge?

Whatever the heck you want it to be! You might want to just pick an amount of books to read, or you might get a bit more complicated and specify types of books such as:

A book with a winter theme
A book released in the last month
A fantasy book

You get my drift - this challenge is completely up to you!


I challenge myself to read 10 books in my break!

Since I have read almost no books this year, I am going to read at least 10 books in my 5 week break. These books are going to be varied, but will mainly be review-books that I'm seriously behind on so I can actually be a decent human-being and read and review them! 
Here are the ten I'm aiming to read:

* Cracks in the Kingdom
* A Tangle of Gold
* Lady Midnight
* The Winner's Crime
* The Winner's Kiss
* Love, Lies and Spies
* The Way We Roll
* The Leaving
* What We Saw
* City of Heavenly Fire

I'd love for everyone to join me in this (pretty pathetic) challenge. I will be posting updates of my progress here on my blog, as well as on my Instagram, so feel free to do the same and link me so I can clap and commend your own progress!

Love you all. 

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  1. How are you going with your list? I hope to finish Lady Midnight in the next few weeks as well as What We Saw. :)


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