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Hi Everyone!
How is everyone going? I know my blog has been dead - I did not read ANYTHING over my winter break so I failed my own challenge and basically, I just suck at the moment.

But what about all the amazing books I'm potentially missing out on reading?

Good question, dear reader! I have about zero minutes for reading now uni is back in business - which is a major suck-fest. However, I decided randomly one day after one of my close friends bought Nevernight and I looked on in envy but man that book is heavy, and I know it's slow going for her too and I suddenly thought "Man, I want to read something".


So guess what I did? I went home and read a book. Just like that. (*Yes, I totally avoided uni work but oh well*). I went home and tried to pick a book to read - I couldn't pick a fantasy or paranormal, something I might get bogged down in world-building and potentially give up again - so I picked up a YA contemporary romance that I had laying around. I read that one quickly and easily, enjoying the cheesy settings. So then, I picked up another of the same type by the same author, and then a third (and I probably would have read a fourth if I had it!).

Who was this author that got me out of my slump?

Kasie West!

These beautiful books of hers got me reading again, and I can't thank Kasie West enough for her beautiful writing and cheesy romantic plot lines which I couldn't help but just fall into easily! I absolutely loved her first two books - Pivot Point and Split Second - so I was super wary about these ones, but now I know I should never have doubted West's ability to tell a story!

So now I am on a YA contemporary romance reading binge, but reading nonetheless - Huzzah! 

And basically, that's me!

Love you all

Mad Claire



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