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Excerpt and Book Trailer!

Today I bring you an excerpt from The Fairytale Keeper, that the Author Andrea Cefalo was kind enough to share with us! PLUS - I know once you'll get to the end, you'll want more, so I have included a video of the author reading from the book for your delight as well!


Suddenly Ivo is at my side.  “You’ve only caught one fly?” he laughs. “Are you giving up already?”
“I just don’t feel like it anymore.”  I peer fearfully into the jar.
He collects the jars and twists the lids open. The flies scatter, flashing through the mist as the thunder grows louder.
I walk toward the tree and rest against it, staring at my empty jar, haunted by the fly’s message.
Ivo follows, leaning next to me and I sigh.
            “Ah, don’t be a sore sport,” he laughs and nudges me with his elbow.
            “No, that’s not it,” I say.  He stands silently, waiting for me to continue. “Do you think I am weak?”
“When it comes to catching fireflies? Yes, you are terribly weak.”  He smiles widely. I shake my head and cannot help but smile back. 
            I nudge him in the ribs. “Be serious!  Do you think I am weak?”
He smirks, looks down at the ground, and shuffles his feet a little as he thinks.  He sighs and shakes the hair from his face.
            “We all have weaknesses…” he says, staring straight forward. His fingertips brush the inside of my hand. “But it’s the people, the things that we have weaknesses for that bring us the strength and courage to do what we must.”  His fingers wrap around my hand and my pulse quickens. 
            A crack of thunder causes me to jump and the sky dissolves in a heavy downpour, drenching us immediately.  I cup my free hand and the rain pools inside it.  Rain pours down Ivo’s face and drips off his nose.  I feel the same happening to my face.  We look into each other’s eyes and smile.


What did you think of that? I know you must be super excited now!! :)
But there is one more thing I have for you today and that of course is the book reading! Continue on....

The Fairytale Keeper: Avenging the Queen is set for release on June 1st 2012! Pre-order it here! If you want to learn more, visit Andrea Cefalo's website!

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