Runaways - Sherryl Clark

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Runaways - 
Sherryl Clark
Released: March 27, 2013
Publisher: Puffin Aust

Synopsis: The red balloon explodes my blood runs hot from skull to toes I grab my bag and run.

Cassie and her brother, Jack, are on the run from the past, from the future and from their failure of a family. But where can they go? And can you ever really run away?

What it's about: A middle-grade book about two siblings struggles with family life, and the urge to run away, forever.

What I thought: Runaways was a short but fast-paced book, written entirely in verse. We read from both Cassie and Jack's point of views, giving us the extra insight needed to fully understand what is happening on both ends of the tale. Their mother has a hard time dealing with Jack, and his father comes to collect him for a while. This turns into an adventure of cross-country hitch-hiking and saving a house from a burning fire. It is not exactly said what is wrong with Jack - to me it seemed like an attention disorder, like ADD or ADHD, but then again, I may have missed something. It deals with the struggles of one family, and how something like this can affect the whole balance.

I think this would be a fantastic, easy read for middle-grade aged children.

The Good: I love books that are written in verse! Plus my print copy has cute pictures to go along with the story.

The Bad: Sometimes it was hard to exactly understand what was happening with Jack.


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  1. Great review. This sounds pretty good book. I wonder what does cause Cassie and Jack to runaway. I'll have to see where I can find this one.

    Jenea @ Books Live Forever


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